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Welcome back Eagles! The 2019-2020 Essa Minor Hockey Executive would like to thank each of you for your continued patience in getting the season up and running. At this point all the Eagles have had several practices and we are starting to get into game mode. Although a few teams started early, most teams will hit game mode this weekend. This year we are fielding sixteen teams in age groups from Timbits to Bantam. This will be the last year without a Midget team and going forward we will have multiple teams in every division. This is the most teams we have fielded in about ten years and next year is looking to be a banner year.


Every year we figure we are hitting the ground running and then every year there seems to be new road blocks. This year changes to the Novice Rep team rules through us for a loop, and more significantly the biggest change this year is we are going digital! Starting this past weekend we said goodbye to paper game sheets. We have finally moved away from the antiquated paper sheets and will be going paperless. We are asking for your patience as this change just recently happened and we will have a little training to do before we are all comfortable with the process. iPads for everyone!!!!!! Well not quite, due to budget constraints we bought and will share three iPads for timekeepig. They will be shared in the new Eagles office in the front lobby and will require access codes to attain.


In addition to the league changes there are going to be some changes in the arena. The relatively new staff is under new guidance and they are making some changes to make the arena safer and operate more efficiently. Going forward this year, room six will once again become the girls dedicated change room. In addition upon request alternate change rooms will be given if there are any other gender requirements. In addition, there will be no more playing hockey inside the arena other than on the ice. Playing hockey in the cold area near the bleachers is no longer permitted and balls will be confiscated until the kids leave the arena. 


One last note is that staff -will be cracking down on running and horseplay. After several accidents over the last few years in Angus and Thornton the arena staff has been instructed by the township to curb unruly behaviour. We are asking parents to ensure when you enter the arena that your kids are well behaved and respectful of the rules. They will be spoken to by the staff and if the issue escalates further the kids and parents could be asked to leave. Please note this is a worst case scenario, and I personally do not believe this will be necessary. Please encourage your children to follow the rules and play safe.


In closing I would like to once again thank everyone who has stepped up to help this year. We have again a full list of volunteers who make this organization run. From coaches, mangers, bench staff, executives and even some of the players, I want to personally thank you all.


Good luck and keep your stick on the ice.


Trevor Bolt, P.Eng, FEC

President, Essa Minor Hockey


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