2015 Bond Policy (Essa Minor Hockey)

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The purpose of the EMHA Volunteer Bond Program is to encourage all Association members to become actively involved in the operation and success of the Association.



The Essa Minor Hockey Association (EMHA) has a membership of approximately 150 players between the ages of 4 and 17 years old assigned to 10 teams playing over 210 scheduled games.  Many of our Association members are unaware of just how much volunteer work and fundraising is necessary to operate a quality hockey program. EMHA is run completely by volunteers.  We have no paid positions.


Although not everyone has the hockey experience and skills to volunteer for on-ice roles, there are many other roles that contribute greatly to the success of our Association, including organizing tournaments, timekeeping, special committees/projects and fundraising opportunities like our Annual Golf Tournament, Youth Dances or our Winter Social.  The Volunteer Bond Program has been introduced to encourage Association members to step forward and get involved and to keep registration fees as low as possible. Without the help of volunteers, the cost to operate EMHA would be substantially higher. 


Every family with a registered player in EMHA must provide a payment for the Volunteer Bond; that includes coaches, team staff and the members of the EMHA Executive.

·   Bond is $200 for everyone.

·   All Bond Cheques are to be postdated for January 15th, 2016 and are to be handed in before your child will be allowed to begin the 2015/2016 hockey season.

·   Each family has until the AGM in 2016 to complete their Bond Points for the year.

·   If you are a member of the bench staff (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer) or team staff (Team Manager, home/away jerseys) or an Executive member you will earn Bond points.

·   A list of approved volunteer roles can be found below.

·   Please keep in mind you must be 14 years old to participate in the completion of Bond points.

          ·     Additional opportunities for bond points will be posted on our website www.essaminorhockey.com throughout    
          the year.  If at any time you would like more information about Bond please contact -
Bond Director Natalie 
          [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions

•            Q. Why is there a bond?
•            A. The Bond Program has been introduced to encourage Association members to step   forward and get involved.
•            Q. I don’t want to volunteer or I’m really busy, do I have to volunteer?
•            A. No.  You can opt out of volunteering.  Just complete the Volunteer Bond Agreement on Opening Day.  You will select that you are not participating in bond and submit your cheque in the amount of $200
•            Q. If I help out with my child’s team do I have to complete more bond points?

•            A. The amount of points that you earn for helping with your child’s team will be determined by the role you take on.  Head Coaches do not need to do anything further.  Different roles are worth different point values.  A detailed explanation of Bond Point Values will be posted on our website

•            Q. How many points will I have to complete this year?
•            A. Every family will need to complete 10 points.
•            Q. How can I find out how many bond points I have completed.
•            A. Each time you participate in a Bond Point earning event you will be given a receipt.
•            Q. Why do I have to complete bond hours?
•            A. Each season, Essa Minor Hockey operates special events like dances, tournaments and other fundraising activities.  By doing special events this can help reduce the cost of hockey registration fees for your child.  In turn, EMHA relies on the efforts of all families to ensure that these events are a great success.  By working a few hours at the events, you are helping to keep registration costs down for your child.
•            Q. I don’t want to give the Association a cheque for $200 for the Bond.
•            A. The Volunteer Bond is mandatory for all members to remain in good standing with the association.  Unfortunately your family member(s) will not be able to skate until the Association receives a cheque.  We will cash your cheque on January 15, 2016 if you have not already completed your bond and you will receive a refund upon the completion of your bond.
•            Q. If I complete 6 of my 10 points, can I still get a refund?
•            A. No, not unless you complete the full 10.
•            Q.Can I work off my bond next year?                      

•            A. No, we need volunteers every season, we are working only for this year.  Once this year closes at the AGM, and we move into the new season, you can begin to work off your bond before the next season starts. 

Approved Volunteer Roles

It is up to each family to ensure that they full fill their volunteer obligation and to retain records of their approved volunteer hours.  Receipts will be issued by the Event Co-ordinator or  Team Manager .  Retain your receipts and submit them with your completed refund form upon completion of your Bond to receive a refund.


Yearly Positions

Bench Staff (Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Trainer) – 10 points

Team Manager – 10 points

Family in charge of Home Jerseys – 10 points

Family in charge of Away Jerseys – 10 points

Executive – 10 points


Per Game or Practice

Gate Fees – 1 point/game

Timekeeping – 1 point/game

On Ice Help – 1 point/practice

Trainer at – large – 1 point/game


Per Hour

Volunteer with Tournament Director at a Tournament – 1 point/hr

Volunteer at Youth Dances – 1 point/hr

Volunteer at photo night – 1 point/hr

Opting Out 

Families choosing to opt out of the volunteer bond program may do so at the time of registration by submitting a cheque for $200 with a current date.  The EMHA administration must be informed of the parent’s intent to opt out of the program on the EMHA Bond Agreement Form which you will sign on opening day.


Each family will be required to provide a post-dated cheque in the amount of $200, payable to EMHA, dated January 15th, 2016.

Cheques will be collected at the time of registration

Cheques must be submitted to be able to go on the ice. 

If a bond cheque is returned due to insufficient funds, an additional administration fee of $50.00 will be due.

Only designated, approved members leading events will be eligible to sign off and verify volunteer hours worked.  A signed, written receipt of hours worked will be provided to volunteers upon request, at the time of a volunteer activity.  Once a member has enough hours they will submit a Bond Refund Request

(available on our website)

with all receipts attached.  Each month a refund will be issued to members who have completed their bond and submitted their request form.    

The Manager for each team will have the responsibility of distributing receipts for timekeeping and working the gate for each team.

If at any time you have questions about the bond program please contact [email protected].


Thank you and we look forward to another successful season.


The Essa Minor Hockey Executive