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Jun 14, 2016 | Tiffany Hart | 5037 views
OMHA Essay Finalist from Essa
Congratulations to Aaron from Novice LL who was a finalist in the OMHA Essay Contest.  Aaron was in Toronto at the Annual General Meeting of the OMHA to be honoured for his entry.


The lessons I have learned from hockey are teamwork, sportsmanship, support, listening skills, focus, quick thinking, time appreciation and leadership. In the following sentences I will explain how I have acquired these life lessons.  

I love it when our team works together which shows great teamwork. This makes the game fun and exciting to play.

I communicate with my wingers and defensemen by giving them pointers of what I pick up from the other teams goalie so we have an advantage in the game to score. This also shows leadership skills. I show sportsmanship by giving up my player of the game award to another player on my team.  I show support by tapping my injured teammate on the helmet and back when they get up from being hurt.  My listening skills are better by paying attention to my coach when he is explaining a drill or play.  This also helps my game by adapting what I have learnt in practice to my game.  

I learn responsibility by keeping track of all my equipment when I put it on and take it off.I show time appreciation by getting up early and getting ready for my game and practices.  

The game is fast paced which teaches me to make quick decisions. An example is when my team has a 2 on 1 play and I need to decide to pass or shoot the puck.  

In conclusion, hockey is an amazing sport which everyone can learn very important life skills.

- Aaron Edward, Essa Minor Hockey (Novice)