Pre-Novice Programs (Essa Minor Hockey)

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Junior Eagles is a fun way to learn-to-skate in full hockey gear for children 3-4 years old. The sessions are 10 weeks!  
There are 2 sessions (Sept-Dec, Jan-March). Junior Eagles sessions run on Tuesdays from 5:30 - 6:10pm (one ice time per week for 10 weeks).  The cost is $180.  Please contact our Registrar Veronique - [email protected] or you can register online.

Featuring Coach Kim Power, Junior Eagles is a learn to skate program for beginner skaters aged 3-4 years old. Our goal for this program is to familiarize young skaters with the "on ice" experience. The arena introduces a variety of new challenges for our young skaters with bright lights, loud noises and cold temperatures. Some children will adapt quickly and for others this will take time. The program is designed as a group learning experience as opposed to one on one. Each skater is required to wear full CSA approved hockey equipment, including helmet, mask, mouth and neck guards. Although sticks may not be used early on in the program they could be used later. Registration is available ON-LINE or contact Veronique - [email protected]. New skaters must provide a copy of their birth certificate. If you require further information or are interested in volunteering with this program please contact us at [email protected]
(BIRTH YEARS - 2018, 2019)


TIMBITS (Initiation Program):

Instructional hockey program focusing on all hockey fundamentals including skating, puck handling, balance, passing, shooting, position, team play, etc. Targeted at children 5 & 6 years old, depending on ability. Two hours a week. The Timbits Minor Sports Program is a community-oriented sponsorship program that provides opportunities for kids aged 5 & 6 years old to play house league sports. The philosophy of the program is not based on winning or losing, but on learning a new sport, making new friends, and just being a kid. THE FIRST GOAL IS HAVING FUN!

The Initiation Program provides children the opportunity to learn fundamental movement and sport skills in a quality sport program tailored just for them. The program maximizes ice utilization through the use of Teaching Stations and Cross-Ice Games. More puck touches means more skill development and more fun! in the Cross-Ice environment, a player's activity increases and so does their skill set and love of the game!

Timbits Program (IP) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

What is IP (Initiation Program)?
IP is “Timbits” Hockey.  It’s for 1st time hockey players.  The program is an OMHA mandated program, the goal of which is to teach hockey players, skating and hockey skills in a controlled environment.  Each session consists of a series of skating and puck handling drills, and culminates with a scrimmage or fun game.  (Please refer to the OMHA website at for further information on the program). 

When is IP?
Timbits is Saturdays & Sundays with rotating ice times from 7:30 - 9:30am on both days for BIRTH YEARS 2016-2017. The program is scheduled to run each Saturday & Sunday from September 21st until March 22nd.

When do I find out what team my child is on?
If you are interested in volunteering for either position please contact Jenn Miller our Junior Co-ordinator [email protected] for information on the courses that need to be completed.  Once the season gets started we will get you more information on teams.

What rink is it on?
The Angus Arena.

How old must my child be?
5 years old by December 31, 2019

Does my child need all of the hockey equipment?
Yes, your child must have full hockey gear including neck guard & mouthguard.

Does my child get to keep the Timbits Jersey at the end of the season?
Yes.  With a new Tim Hortons policy, players will keep their jerseys and socks.

My child can’t really skate, just walks on ice.  Can he go into IP?
Absolutely, we’ll do our best, (depending on availability of volunteer on-ice coaches), to give him/her enough personal instruction to catch up to the others.  The peer pressure can be a good thing.  Another option is participating in our Junior Eagles program.

My child cries, and doesn’t want to go on the ice.  What should I do?
You know your child better than we do, but we are willing to work with a child who cries, and find successes for them.  We usually succeed within a few weeks.  The most important thing, is to communicate with us, so we know what the issues are, and how everybody (including you), is feeling about the progress.

How much does it cost?
Please visit our REGISTRATION page.



Minor Novice PROGRAM:

This program is designed for third year players or those players that have the ability to skate forwards and backwards and have the ability to stop and maneuver (turn).  This will be players first introduction to team hockey with more structure (such as teaching positioning & off sides with all the rules).  Players in Minor Novice are typically 7 years old, by December 31st; who are third year players.  Players will be on the ice at least two times per week to continue to develop skills.  All registered Minor Novice players will be on the ice together running skill stations. This format continues until the end of October.   The Minor Novice teams are then formed through an evaluation process to divide the teams evenly.  Once the teams are selected they compete in half ice fun games against other centres running similar Minor Novice programs. Minor Novice teams may also participate in 1-2 jamborees. (BIRTH YEAR - 2015 


What if I can’t afford to enroll my child in hockey?
There are assistance programs available that we can direct you to.  Please visit  Jumpstart