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Essa Minor Hockey Myths (updated May 1, 2014)

Myths can sometimes badly hurt an organization.  We would like to debunk a few of those that hurt us most.

Myth: The Executive is paid.

Reality: Every single person from the Executive, Coaches, Trainers and Managers are volunteers.  There is not one paid position in Essa Minor Hockey.  We volunteer our time to run the organization and provide a place for kids to play hockey in Essa.

Myth: Playoff Passes are to add more money to the Executives pockets.

Reality: Unlike Stayner & Creemore Minor Hockey we do not charge our families for every home game.  But as we enter the playoffs and have to pay for out of town refs and OMHA fees we charge our families.  To offset this fact we introduced the playoff pass for $25.  This pass allows a family into every single game of the playoffs. To be clear, no money goes into our pockets.

Myth: We should be able to keep our jerseys I've been to hockey camps where we get a jersey.

Reality: Essa's jerseys are pro jerseys not practice jerseys.  They have a stiched logo, thick material and are made to last more than one season, etc.  They are not practice jerseys.  When we buy them in bulk every five years we spend almost $25,000 on a set of jerseys.  We put money aside for 5 years in order to purchase more.  Most jerseys you receive from a hockey program are pracice jerseys.  If you were looking to take the jerseys home at the end of the season they would cost $65 each for a home and an away, your registration fees would go up by $130.  Every five years when we replace a set of jersesy we sell off the old jerseys for a nominal fee.

Myth: Essa shouldn't have money in a GIC and still call themselves a non-profit.

Reality: Non profit companies can carry up to one year's operating budget in surplus to protect the company.  Essa's operating budget is almost $200K per year however since the main cost of operating is ice fees so we carry 50% of that.  We keep it in a GIC so we can get a return on investment.  The GIC is not a traditional GIC.  We dip into it every year to fund the program until all fees are collected. 

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